Wanted to come up with a quick birthday treat for my son at Tech from long distance.....Campus Cookies was perfect. I ordered online and a birthday cookie cake was delivered within a couple hours and literally made his day....maybe his week. Thank you!!!
David Feb 2, 2020
Thank you to Campus Cookies for delivery of the warm and yummy cookies to our Pool Party at the Blacksburg Aquatic Center. The time was perfect because the Cub Scouts swimming was great fun and they were hungry! Kids and parents said aloud many compliments as they had never tried a Campus Cookie before! The drawings on the cardboard box were a great surpise and the talk of the snack break!
Pack 145 Cub Scouts Jan 21, 2018
KATE THE BAKER IS THE GREATEST! I thought she was just going to give me a refund, but instead she put extra stuff in a reorder with no charge to me at all. She\'s the best and also has really nice handwriting. Thanks so much, Kate!(:
Melanie Do Oct 19, 2017
Campus Cookie is the perfect thing for those days when you are feeling extra homesick or the workload is just too much. My parents were able to send me fresh, homemade cookies straight to my residence hall!
Steph Oct 15, 2017
Thank you Campus Cookies for making me look good. I sent a giant cookie and milk to my Cadet for his birthday and he was thrilled! He said is was SO good and it made his day.
Linda Levinski Oct 4, 2017
These cookies blew my mind. Absolutely delicious with warm, gooey centers. They were every bit as well baked as I was when I ate them!
BakedWoah Feb 26, 2017
Ordered during exam week for my daughter. Had a small issue with what was delivered so I contacted Customer Care.
They quickly delivered the items that were missing!
Excellent customer service. And my daughter loved the cookies!
Kathy Dec 13, 2016
What a great way to send a smile to the kids working hard! so glad i have this outlet to send treats! Thanks for this wonderful idea and accross the state of VA to send to several deserving adn hungry college students!
Lynne Snyder Sep 20, 2016

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