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  • Homestead Creamery Strawberry Milk
    Quart (32oz) It's like sipping a strawberry patch. We add all-natural strawberry flavors to our whole milk for a refreshing fruity beverage that packs a punch of flavor!
    Homestead Creamery Strawberry Milk
    $6.75 Quantity
    Bottle Deposit. Return Your Bottle on Your Next Delivery or at the Shop for a $2 Gift Card
  • Homestead Creamery Cowpuccino Milk
    Quart (32oz) Our take on an iced cappuccino, creamy milk flavored with just the right amount of coffee flavor and less caffeine. Drink it as is or use it to flavor your coffee.
    Homestead Creamery Cowpuccino Milk
    $6.75 Quantity Out of stock
    Available on 10/02/2019
  • Homestead Creamery Orange Cream Milk
    Quart (32oz) Sweet dreams are made of orange and cream. Our orange cream milk tastes like a dream. We combine our rich whole milk with the sweet flavors of orange and vanilla.
    Homestead Creamery Orange Cream Milk
    $6.75 Quantity Out of stock
    Available on 10/23/2019
  • 2% Milk
    Pint (16oz)
    2% Milk
    $2.29 Quantity
  • Chocolate Milk
    Pint (16oz)
    Chocolate Milk
    $2.29 Quantity
  • Silk's Very Vanilla Soymilk
    $2.49 Quantity
  • Arnold Palmer Lite
    23oz Half Tea, Half Lemonade
    Arnold Palmer Lite
    $2.25 Quantity Out of stock
  • Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino
    $2.99 Quantity
  • Uncle Matt's Orange Energy
    $2.29 Quantity Out of stock
  • Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
    $0.50 Quantity