I LOVE campus cookies! My fav for sure!
Cason, like Mason with a C Sep 10, 2012
Why have coffe to pull all-nighters when you can have cookies?!
Lindsay Cruey Aug 27, 2012
What better way to welcome new roommates than with a batch of warm cookies with icing delivered to the townhouse! Here\\\'s to a great start to the year!
Kim Ruth Aug 27, 2012
I love you guys I wish u would never close
mary goff Aug 26, 2012
Hope you guys have a good spring break! We will miss you!
Liz Feb 29, 2012
You guys make my romantic night with my boyfriend even MORE perfect. Thank you
Amanda Cogar Feb 21, 2012
iím pretty sure all of my flex money goes towards campus cookies... #sorrynotsorry #addicted :)
Haylee Walker Feb 19, 2012
You always provide the perfect little gift to let my girls know they\'re still close at heart, although far away. Thank you for that.
Kim Ruth
Kim Ruth Feb 13, 2012

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