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  • Limited Edition: Butter Pecan
    $2.35 Quantity Out of stock
  • Limited Edition: Chocolate Chunk
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Limited Edition: Monster
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Limited Edition: Vanilla Raptor
    $2.65 Quantity
  • Sugar w/ Spring Sprinkles
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Chocolate Chip
    Delicious, the all-time cookie classic. Semi-sweet chocolate chips meticulously folded into rich cookie batter. Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Soybeans and Milk.
    Traditional: Chocolate Chip
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Carnival
    A fun and colorful cookie comprised of multi-colored candied gems made from semi-sweet chocolate coated in a confectioner's glaze. Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Soybeans and Milk
    Traditional: Carnival
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Oatmeal Raisin
    Rolled oats with real California raisins and cinnamon spice create the ultimate comfort snack! Just like Grandma used to make! Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Milk
    Traditional: Oatmeal Raisin
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Peanut Butter
    Rich creamy peanut butter make for 'Stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth' goodness that leaves you wanting more. Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Milk and Peanuts
    Traditional: Peanut Butter
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Reese's Pieces
    A chocolate cookie dough base loaded with Reese's Pieces® candies for a peanut butter and chocolate delight.
    Traditional: Reese's Pieces
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Smores
    Made with a Dark Chocolate Base, then loaded with Chocolate Chunks and blended with Hershey's S'mores Bars, Mini Marshmallows, Caramel, and Graham Bits.
    Traditional: Smores
    $2.35 Quantity Out of stock
  • Traditional: Snickerdoodle
    Our signature vanilla blend rolled in cinnamon sugar. Contains: Milk and Eggs
    Traditional: Snickerdoodle
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Strawberry Shortcake
    All of the taste of the favorite summertime dessert with strawberries, cranberries and white chips. Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Soybeans and Milk
    Traditional: Strawberry Shortcake
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Sugar
    Simple flavors are perfectly balanced in this classic cookie, with our signature vanilla blend and just the right sweetness. Contains: Milk, Eggs and Wheat
    Traditional: Sugar
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Chocolate Dark Chocolate
    A rich and smooth chocolate dough with dark chocolate chips mixed in!
    Traditional: Chocolate Dark Chocolate
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Cookies N Creme
    Cookies ‘n crème is a beloved flavor by all. Bring back memories of Grandma’s kitchen table with this classic favorite.
    Traditional: Cookies N Creme
    $2.35 Quantity Out of stock
  • Traditional: Heath Bar Crunch
    Chopped, crispy, crunchy Heath Bar candy hand-blended into our all-natural ingredient dough.
    Traditional: Heath Bar Crunch
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Macadamia Nut
    A scrumptious selection of macadamia nuts, white chocolate chips and a touch of sweetness from brown sugar.Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Soybeans, Milk and Macadamia Nuts, Coconut
    Traditional: Macadamia Nut
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Mint Chocolate Chip
    Mint chips swirled into a chocolate based dough.
    Traditional: Mint Chocolate Chip
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Red Velvet
    Rich red velvet cookies loaded with dark and white chocolate chips.
    Traditional: Red Velvet
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Traditional: Smore's Reserve
    You can all but hear the crackle of the campfire with this delicious cookie made with graham cracker pieces, gooey marshmallows and of course, real Hershey’s chocolate!
    Traditional: Smore's Reserve
    $2.35 Quantity Out of stock
  • Traditional: Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Premium: Almond Joy
    A lightly chocolated dough is packed with chewy, sweetened, shredded coconut, mini Hershey Kisses, Hershey's Premier white (vanilla) chips topped with diced almonds. 4.5oz
    Premium: Almond Joy
    $4.35 Quantity
  • Premium: Chaos Cookie
    Our large 4.5oz cookies loaded with Oreo crumbles, Pretzels, Peanut Butter Chips, Pecans, Potato Chips, and of Course Chocolate Chips!
    Premium: Chaos Cookie
    $4.35 Quantity
  • Premium: Lemon Blueberry
    Natural lemon flavor makes this cookie both tart and refreshing while dried wild blueberries contribute a sweet note to this light, tender and chewy cookie 4.5oz
    Premium: Lemon Blueberry
    $4.35 Quantity Out of stock
  • Premium: Oatmeal Walnut Chocolate Chunk (Cowboy)
    Oatmeal, walnuts and two types of chocolate - dark chunks and milk chips - plus a hint of cinnamon combine to make this our delicious take on a Cowboy Cookie. Rich, chewy and oh so satisfying! Whether you consider it an oatmeal cookie or a chocolate chip cookie - this one has all the bases covered! Yum!
    Premium: Oatmeal Walnut Chocolate Chunk (Cowboy)
    $4.35 Quantity
  • Premium: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
    A very large, super-premium cookie covered and infused with real reese's peanut butter cups.
    Premium: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
    $4.35 Quantity
  • Premium: Salted Caramel Toffee
    We start with a brown-sugar based dough accented with flakes of pure sea salt and add generous amounts of creamy caramel and buttery HEATH toffee bits covered in milk chocolate. This salty-sweet combo is offset with natural vanilla flavor to make this a chewy, scrumptious and crave-able cookie! 4.5oz
    Premium: Salted Caramel Toffee
    $4.35 Quantity
  • Premium: Snickers
    Brown sugar based dough with milk chocolate chunks, bits of caramel, roasted salted peanuts and a generous amount of Snickers bites candy. 4.5oz
    Premium: Snickers
    $4.35 Quantity
  • Premium: Triple Chocolate
    Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough generously topped with Hershey's Kisses, Semi Sweet Chunks and Milk Chocolate Chunks.
    Premium: Triple Chocolate
    $4.35 Quantity
  • Premium: Turtle
    $4.35 Quantity
  • Gluten Free Chocolate Chip
    Certified Gluten-Free, Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie. Baked in a separate oven, packaged in its own box.
    Gluten Free Chocolate Chip
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Gluten Free Snickerdoodle
    Certified Gluten-Free, Delicious Snickerdoodle Cookie. Baked in a separate oven, packaged in its own box.
    Gluten Free Snickerdoodle
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Vegan: Chocolate Chip
    Made with only premium ingredients, these are the BEST vegan chocolate chip cookies!
    Vegan: Chocolate Chip
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Vegan: Oatmeal Raisin
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Vegan: Peanut Butter
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Vegan: Ranger
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Dark Chocolate Brownie
    $2.35 Quantity
  • Cinnamon Roll Topped with Warm Vanilla Icing
    A Large, Sweet and Spicy Cinnamon Smear In A Soft, Sweet Roll.
    Cinnamon Roll Topped with Warm Vanilla Icing
    $4.85 Quantity
  • Stuffed Soft Pretzel filled with Cheddar Cheese
    $6.65 Quantity Out of stock
    Dipping Sauce
  • Stuffed Soft Pretzels filled with Jalapeno and Jack Cheese
    Baked to Order 6.25oz Hand Twisted Pretzel with Your Choice of Dipping Sauce
    Stuffed Soft Pretzels filled with Jalapeno and Jack Cheese
    $6.65 Quantity
    Dipping Sauce