I have spent waaaaaaaaay too much money here.

Every cent worth it.
Scott Oslin Jan 26, 2013
These make my lonely nights with my xbox all the more enjoyable
Rob Jan 20, 2013
My sister and I wanted to order some cookies tonight just because, and I asked them to draw a boy with a sword astride a dragon on the box so she\'d feel they were obtained heroically. We got a box with a boy wielding a sword, and the short apology \"Can\'t draw dragons.\" We both had an awesome laugh, and love you guys. Thanks for all your hard work and DELECTABLE cookies!
Robert Belcher Jan 14, 2013
I ordered a nice assortment of cookies, brownies etc. for my daughter. They arrived on time, to HER specified time. How great is that?! They were beautifully packaged and warm and fresh. She and her roommates were so happy! Such a simple concept but does so much good for our stressed out kids in college. I will highly recommend your company and will certainly be using you in the future. Thank you! PS: the cookies etc. were yummy!
Eileen Moran Dec 13, 2012
This is the second year I have ordered with you and I LOVE your addition this year of notifying me when the order has been delivered!!! Your service is fabulous and my son says your cookies are the best!! Thank you!!
Jennifer Nov 5, 2012
Made an important gift delivery order and it came up for the wrong day but customer care helped me and worked hard to get it delivered the same night! Super helpful and friendly- thanks for helping me surprise my girlfriend!
Andrew Nov 5, 2012
These are the things to eat when you are feeling upset. The people who make these, thank you so much for such amazing baked goods. You have no idea how much I appreciate you!
Simonia Sharma Sep 19, 2012
I ordered a cookie cake for my friend\'s 18th birthday and she loved it! It was the perfect way to do something special on a college budget. The cookie cake was delicious and it was delivered still warm from the oven (or as warm as they could allow without the icing melting!). I can\'t wait to order again.
Kim M. Sep 19, 2012

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