Today was such a bad day, I thought that even Campus Cookies couldn\'t fix it. But once again, I was wrong.
Thank you for always being there for me.
Brooke Morris Nov 7, 2014
Prices up and slow delivery. couldn\'t be more disappointed.
Mike M. Oct 5, 2014
Your life will change for the better when you first make the decision to order Campus Cookies. Trust me, I\'m an expert.
Abigail Mann Oct 1, 2014
Your business enables me to send wonderful, warm cookies to my kids in Harrisonburg whenever I want to give them a nice surprise, whether for a special occasion or just to let them know I\'m thinking about them. I\'ve been ordering from you for 5 years and your customer service is excellent!
Kim Sep 29, 2014
I\'m really glad there are gluten free options now! I was never able to enjoy them until now, thanks guys!
Jess Sep 24, 2014
Campus Cookies are hot and delicious, and always satisfy my chocolate craving at JMU
Hillside Hula Sep 12, 2014
Started coming to JMU last year...never got Campus Cookies. Tonight I ordered them for the first time and man let me tell you, you haven\'t lived until you\'ve had these delicious, warm, soft, sensual cookies laying in your mouth and giving your taste buds the best ride of their life.
Zack Sep 7, 2014
Yo dawg i be eatin deez cookies and mayne deez be good like yo
Jameis Winston May 1, 2014

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