Wonderful product and service - you made an undergrad very happy on his birthday!
Mrs. T Jan 26, 2017
I love you, Campus Cookies, you are my everything.
Jacob Hurst Nov 17, 2016
cool kids order campus cookies
Rachel Gregor Nov 10, 2016
Tonight was my first night ordering from Campus Cookies! I will admit, for the price I was thinking about just waiting until the weekend to buy some from the store, but tonight was worth every penny! I got the sugar cookie cake, with milk. As soon as the driver was here, they gave me a call, and I came outside to a nice, warm cookie cake! This was a great way to start my weekend, and to pamper myself! Thank you CC ♥
Joy Thompson Sep 24, 2016
campus cookies are the best cookies ever!!!
Kelsey Druggan May 5, 2016
Cookie good. Thank
Papa Swiss May 2, 2016
Everything is heavenly! You guys always do an incredible job!
Mikayla Habiniak Apr 29, 2016
I absolutely love being able to order goodies for my daughter and her friends from my home on the Eastern Shore! When I visited my daughter a few weekends ago, we ordered Campus Cookies, and I can attest to the fact that they arrive fresh and warm - and exceedingly delicious!
Theresa Fiege Apr 29, 2016

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