I have been a HUGE fan of campus cookies ever since they opened, and am still a loyal consumer 7 years later. They deliver a consistently delicious product, and am happy to see them grow in Harrisonburg and across the country. Keep up the good work!
Tessa Parker May 24, 2018
THE campus cookies COOKIES, are the COOKIES, for U & ME.
Katherine Fish Apr 21, 2018
Thank you so much! So nice to be able to send a treat as a surprise- and one my son loves!
Debbie Apr 14, 2018
best fxxn cookies around
lindsay Mar 19, 2018
Literally, Austin (the guy who delivered my cookies last time) might be sweeter than your double chocolate cookies themselves. Just saying, I\'d take a bite outta him!
Caroline Feb 28, 2018
Mmmm vv delish
Milmildollasign Feb 14, 2018
I have not yet had my cookies. BUT the simple fact that I will be receiving a smore cookie with mint ice cream delivered to my door through the magic of the internet is equivalent to winning the lottery. Thank you, Campus Cookies, for making me feel like a kid in a cookie shop!!!
Adam The Kayaker Feb 12, 2018
once I got my box w a stick figure dabbing.... it is now hung up on my door XD love you guys soooo much xoxo
Addison Evans Nov 1, 2017

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