loved the efficiency of your company; I live in Richmond but was kept informed by e-mail of everything and knew my gift would get to my daughter when promised. Thanks for making her birthday special especially since I couldn\'t be with her.
Micki Jan 14, 2012
Wow, just wow. You guys are amazing. I said to draw a t-rex on the box and I wasn\'t expecting something this cool!! You guys are awesome i\\\'m ordering from you more often and telling all my friends about your service.
John Rudolph Jan 11, 2012
Ordered for the first time during exam week for my daughter. She really appreciated them because they were a delicious suprise but also because we were supporting some very entrepreunial Dukes. Great concept--hope you open up for UVa because we want to send some there too. Thanks guys.
Joyce Dec 12, 2011
Sweetness in every delicious, delectable, tasty, melty, warm, breathtaking bite.
Zandy Dec 11, 2011
These cookies make me "O" every time! :) -> ;O
Alex Dec 11, 2011
This is the first time I have used Campus Cookies to surprise my boyfriend and I was so surprised at how professional this small company is compared to larger companies. The text telling me it was sent, the quality of the produce, even the nice typed card was excellent! He was surprised and i still got a great treat when I got home.
Shana Nov 25, 2011
I love campus cookies! They are the best cookies I have ever tasted, its like a party in my mouth! Thanks guys!
Amie York Nov 11, 2011
This was my first time using and I was amazed! The texts and emails keeping me informed were AWESOME! and the fact you can order in the afternoon and have them delivered that night is perfect for last minute surprises! My daughter and friends LOVED the cinnamon rolls and brownies/cookies! Nice to have your expectations exceeded!
Emily Nov 10, 2011

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