Campus Cookies for the win! My freshman loved the cookies and birthday balloon! First birthday away from home. He sent us a selfie with his balloon and had a huge smile on his face. Made this mama’s heart happy. Thank you!
Robin Nov 29, 2022
One of my friends was having a rough day so I sent her cookies and asked in the special comments for them to write a little message. They wrote the message and made and delivered the cookies so quickly! Great experience :)
Erin Oct 8, 2019
Have ordered for my daughter and these have been a huge hit and helped ease the homesickness a bit. I love the option to request a picture too! She has raved about the cookies - I wish they delivered to Northern VA!
Christine J Keady Sep 9, 2019
Just wanted to have a testimonial from 2019! Campus Cookies are amazing. I order for my JMU student often. He loves that I do this for him and his friends! Makes me feel closer than the miles actually are. :-)
David Main Feb 17, 2019
i normally order campus cookies when I\'m crying from homework or drunk after a night out. they ALWAYS come to the rescue. amazing place amazing cookies amazing people.thx campus cookies ;)
Kate Jan 31, 2019
the best cookies for when you are trying to study but end up crying and need a sweet treat. thx campus cookies for being my savior
Kate Jan 31, 2019
They have VEGAN cookies!!! Thank you so much, it means everything!!
Em Jan 17, 2019
Campus cookies is always absolutely amazing! They always deliver super quickly and have the nicest students working for them! I LOVE CAMPUS COOKIES!!!
Sara Ward Jan 10, 2019

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