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Campus Cookies loves working with the community to spread happiness!
Each semester we donate about 1,500 cookies and over $250 of material and gift cards per location!

We review each request and determine the value of the event and available resources to support. We are always open to be part of your event no matter how short of notice or what time of the year, but prefer the request to be submitted no later than a week into the semester as we develop and create our marketing plan.
If we have exceeded our budget, then we may still be able to offer you a coupon for a deep discount.

If we approve your donation, we simply ask you to put our logo on marketing material and #tag us in your social media posts!

Type of Donations

Cookie Donation Gift Card(s) Tent/Prize wheel/ Giveaways/Mascots Coupon Code
Pick up or get cookies delivered to your event.
Feel free to sell the cookies if you are fundraising!
Please give us at least a week (or longer if larger request) notice.
It’s easier for us to arrange this if within our operating times, if outside of them it will depend on the availability of our staff.
Silent Auctions, incentive to win events, our gift cards are a great way to drive people to your event! Gift cards must be approved by upper management, please allow at least a week for processing. Request our marketing team to create an awesome experience at your next large event! We’ll bring cookies, our pop-up tent, give away items and our mascot(s) (depending on availability) to spread happiness and cheer! Raising money for a charity? For a duration up to a week we’ll create a coupon unique to your organization! A user will enter the code upon placing an online, delivery order. A user will receive a 0% discount and we’ll give you 20% of the order’s subtotal for each time the coupon is used!
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